Dress of the week June 9th

Good morning to you all from a sunny Ireland! Yes we arrived on Friday morning  after flying to Boston and getting a connecting flight  to Dublin. We had a long layover in Boston , so left the airport to do a little exploring in South Boston.  We got back to the airport in plenty of time to get the 9.30 pm   Dublin bound. It was 6 hours of smooth flying , with plenty to entertain the kids on board. The airlines have a lot to offer entertainment wise  these days!  We got in at 8.30 am local time , got through to the arrivals hall after 45 minutes and car rental took an hour after realising we wouldn’t fit all our luggage in the selected car! We upgraded and were on our way  at 11.30 am to my parents house  getting there at  close to 1pm. We had lunch and the kids had a nice time getting to know their dog thistle!  They so want a puppy of their own !  Saturday morning, after a much needed  nights sleep  we went into our local town  for breakfast at this cute cafe. I got to meet some of the locals including a former teacher  and the Mom of a classmate!  We went on a walk in the  local forest park  with a lovely lake that we partly Walked around.20180609_122600 We  We then went back to my parents house and  my two sisters had arrived  one is married with two kids a girl and boy, the other  sister is married  also.  At 5pm we went to the local pub restaurant  for a pre arranged party  extended  family reunion   and friend and neighbour reunion too!  It was so fun meeting everyone  again. It lasted into the night  but was time to take everyone home.  I am  awake early as everyone sleeps! We have a fun week ahead planned  .

Please rate out of 10 this  boho floral  midi dress with ruffle detail  see Here

Until next week slán (bye in  Irish language!  Pronounced slon)