Dress of the week June 2

Good  morning  Ladies!  I  hope  you  had  a  nice  holiday  weekend  for  those  who  had  it  off.  We had  memorial  day on  Monday , and  it  reached  100 degress   here ! Then  afterwards  we  had a  few  days  of  thunderstorms  to  cool  down.  This  weekend  is  cooler  with  more  rain  promised. Speaking  of  rain….  we  are  going  to  be  leaving  on  thursday  for  our  trip  to  Ireland!  We  are  pretty  excited , some  of  the  kids  are  a  little  scared  of  flying  for  the  first  time.  We  get  a  test  run  from  here  to  Boston,  about  2.5 hours ,  then  its  6.5  hours  to  Dublin. No  direct  flights  yet!  We   will  stay  with  my  parents  and  2  sisters  on  the  trip  and  our  youngest  will  celebrate  his  3rd  birthday  when  there, so  my  sister  is  throwing  him  a  party!   I  hope  to  be able  to  do  next  weeks  from  Ireland.

Please  rate  out  of  10  this   Matilda  pink  floral    print  dress  with  fitted  bodice  and  wide  flared  skirt .  See  here

Have  a  lovely  weekend , until  next  week  take  care  ,  hugs,  Terri  xo.


14 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 2

    1. Thank you For your wishes on our travels Mackenzie!! Some of the kids are a little nervous, but the quick flight to Boston should give them some confidence. I will definitely let you know about the trip , thanks for everything, Terri xo,

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  1. Very nice dress, kind of 40-50s look with a great pattern!
    Hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Dublin, I loved it there! And that your 3rd year old will enjoy celebrating his birthday in a new country 😍


    1. Thank you for visiting Jen! Yes Lindy bop are a vintage clothing company and have so many pretty items. Looking forward to the trip , not the airport part with 4 kids but we will get through it! I am sure he will enjoy his 3rd birthday and get spoiled by his Irish family! Take care, hugs, Terri xo.


  2. You must be excited and soon you’ll literally be on cloud 9!! Haha! 😀
    Have a wonderful time in Ireland, my cousin RAVES about it!

    This dress is an 8, I have to stop giving 10s all the time – lol



    1. Getting excited Carmen! Probably on cloud 5 right now, got to build up to 9! If you get good weather it is beautiful. Yes you can’t do 10 every time but I appreciate that you rate my fashion sense so highly! Thank you so much for visiting, hugs Terri xo.

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