Dress of the week May 19

Good  morning  Ladies!  I  had  hoped  to  do  be  doing  this  post  from  London  but  my  invitation  to  the royal  wedding  didnt come  through  in  time!  Dont  you  hate  that?    I  am  still  in  Minnesota ,  but  our  trip  to  Ireland  is  coming  up  quickly  on  June  7th. We  are   getting  last  minute    items  taken  care  of,  clothes  choices  ,  little  gifts  for  the  family over  there    and   trying  to  make  it  as  smooth  as  possible with  a long  layover  in  Boston  before  a  8pm  flight  to  Dublin.   The  weather  here  has  been  warm  ,  getting  to  84 degrees or  29c .  Today  is  a  little  cooler  .  We  planted  some  vegetables   during  the  week  ,  our  oldest  son  is  excited  to  watch  them  grow.    We have  softball  today  and  tomorrow     for  our  daughter  ,  also  on  thursday  we  attended  her  final  5th  grade  band  concert  ,  they  are  a  talented  group,  she  plays  the  clarinet.

Please  rate  out  of  10  this  fun    A  line  sheath  dress  with  high  rise  neckline . See  here  Enjoy  the  rest  of  your  weekend, until  next  time  ,  hugs,  Terri  xo.

A line  sheath  dress
A line  sheath  dress

15 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 19

  1. GORGEOUS dress! This would be such a perfect bride’s wedding shower dress! LOVE. So excited for you that your trip is coming up here so shortly! I hope you will share some of it with us 🙂 Happy packing!

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    1. It would be a great dress for a bride at her shower Mackenzie! We are looking forward to the trip , We have a long layover in Boston so will be exploring downtown , then get into Dublin early friday morning. I will share . Aaah yes , what to wear! Thank you so much for stopping by, hugs, Terri xo.

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  2. This lace dress would have been lovely for the wedding except that you’re not supposed to wear white to weddings. However, rules are a-changing with the times. Once upon a time a bride was not supposed to wear white if she was married before, but Megan broke that rule.



    1. I couldnt wear white myself personally to a wedding! I would feel bad for the bride. You are right about wearing white if you were previously married. Megan did break that rule. Do you have any weddings to attend this year? We have one in October. Take care , hugs, Terri xo.

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