Dress of the week April 14

Good  morning  Ladies!!  I  am  staying  positive  despite  the  winter storm  that  is  taking  place  outside  my  window. The  winter  that  refuses  to  leave  is  dumping  more  white  stuff  on  us .   They  tell us  to  expect  11-15  inches  of  snow  by  Sunday  at  7pm.   It  will  be  a  weekend  to  hunker  down. We  were  planning  to  go  to  the  childrens  museum  in  St  Paul  but  travelling  will  be  too  difficult.  We  will  come  up   with  a  new  plan! We  will keep  the  kids  entertained  one  way  or  another!   Please  rate  out  of  10  this  fit  and  flare  floral  print  midi dress here  I  hope  you   have a   beautiful   weekend  where  you  are  ,  see  you  soon,  hugs,  Terri  xo.


One thought on “Dress of the week April 14

  1. Terri, the seasons are stuck! You are under threat of a heavy snow dump and southern Sydney was suffering the scourge of massive bushfires yesterday and we have been sweltering in 37 degrees Celsius this week.
    An inconvenience for us but a real problem for our children’s generation and for their children’s. …
    So now to score this week’s offering. Sorry Terri. It has to be zero. A lovely dress I would wear in a flash but far too hot for Sydney and you would catch your death in it in your climes. Now if it was fur lined and ankle length with a long leather coat over it, a lovely long scarf with matching hat and over the knee boots then I’d go for at least an 8.
    Have a lovely week. Throw some more logs up the chimney fo me.


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