Dress of the week March 17th

Hello  Ladies  and  I  want  to  wish  you  all  a  happy  St.  Patricks  day! Being  Irish  it  is  a  day  to  be  proud  of,  celebrating  the  man  who  brought  Christianity  to  Ireland  by  using  the  shamrock  to  explain  the  trinity,  3  person  in  the  one  God,  father  ,  son  and  holy  spirit.   We  are  probably  going  to  go  to  a  parade  later    the  weather  is  supposed  to  be UP  to  the  mid  forties or 7c   woo hoo! Are  you  doing  anything  special  for  the  day?   Please  rate  out  of  10  this  satin  cape  dress   in  green (I  had  to  for  the  day  that’s  in  it  and  the  model  is  red  haired  too,  perfect!)  It  is    A  line   with  sweetheart  neckline  and  bell  sleeves. See  it  here   Thank  you  for  visiting  today   and  enjoy  your  weekend  and  week  ahead,  hugs,  Terri  xo.


Happy St. Patrick’s  day!

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 17th

  1. I am catching up on all your posts now! That’s awesome that your family does feed my starving children…. And amazing you are setting a perfect example for the kiddos so early! Also, Ireland in June! Oh how amazing!!!! It sounds like you have been before- are you from there originally or have family there? Love this St. Patrick’s Day dress! I love St. Paddy’s day, but unfortunately I was working this year Always next year right?! So fun to catch up here, Terri.. Sending big hugs to you and hope all is going very well this week!


    1. Hi Makenzie thank you for checking in! Yes doing Feed My Starving Children is so fulfilling. I am originally from Ireland I’ve been here for years though! I figured I would put up a green dress for Saint Patrick’s Day I had to right?! Hopefully you will be off work next year for saint Patrick’s Day! Sending big hugs back to you Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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    1. Thank you Jessica! WE had a nice ST. Patricks day, Some of us went tto parade , even though it was on the cold side. Then came home and had irish stew ! Thanks for stopping by Dear, hugs, Terri xo.


  2. What with your ancestry and your big family trip looming and with it being St Patrick’s day we should have expected nothing less than this week’s offering. And lovely it is to be sure to be sure.
    I must award it a 9 plus one for St Pat.
    Enjoy the day and your week.


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