Dress of the week November 25

Hi  Ladies  ,  how  are  you  all  doing?   I   am  having  a  nice  long  weekend  after  celebrating  thanksgiving    and  having  Friday  off. We went  to   my   Sister-in-law’s  house    and  had  some  great  food  !  The  kids  all  paired  off   with  their  closest  cousins  in  age  and  had    so  much  fun.   We  stayed  in  their  town  overnight  at  my  Mom  and  Dad  in-laws  house  which  is  close  by.   I  didn’t  get  to  do  black  Friday  shopping  but  I  know  there  are  still  great   deals  out  there  !    Also  today  being  small  business  Saturday  ,  I  hope  to  get  to  some  of  these  stores.   How  was  your  thanksgiving  ,  if  you  had  it  where  you  live  this  past  Thursday?   Please  rate  out  of  10  this    red    skater dress  perfect  for  Christmas  See here   Have  a  nice  weekend    and  week  ahead  ,  hugs,  Terri    xoxo.


18 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 25

  1. Awww! It sounds like a tremendous thanksgiving with great family time ❤ I remember those years of pairing up with our closest in age cousin and creating chaos on the holidays. Too fun. I LOVE this dress. This is 100% up my alley– I give it a 10. Perfect for Christmas too, and I'm a sucker for a red dress. Want to design my wardrobe?! hehe. Have a beautiful day, Terri!


  2. Ooh I love this dress I deffinitely give it a 10. There’s nothing better than a red pretty dress. I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Black Friday isn’t worth it but small business Saturday is a great Idea. Did you get anything good?!


      1. Christmas in the heat! Wonderful!
        Tee shirt weather for midnight Mass. Hot Christmas dinner! (Go figure). Threat of bush fires, water bombers on standby and the closeness of families.
        Who would have it any other way?
        Enjoy it wherever you are.

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      2. It is totally different from what I’m used to Geraldine. It is cold and snow in Minnesota! I used to like midnight mass growing up, the parish I mean no has it at 10 p.m. have a great rest of your day hugs Terri xo.


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