Dress of the week November 11

Hi  ladies,     I  hope  you  are  doing  well,  wishing  you  a  great  veterans  day  and  remembrance   day.  We  are  so blessed  to  live  in  countries  where so  many  gave  their  life  to ensure  our  freedom    through  many  terrible  wars. It  is  good  to  thank  them  when  we  see  them.    it  has  been  an  uneventful  week  up  to  now,  the   regular  routine  for    a  family  with  4  kids! The  weather  has  turned  cold  down  to  10 degrees  F  yesterday  but  it  will  get  warmer  next  week.   Are  you  looking  forward  to  the Thanksgiving    and  Christmas  season  ahead?   Please  rate  this  skater  dress  out  of  10 You  can  view  here  Have  a  lovely  weekend,  hugs  Terri  xo.


5 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 11

    1. Yes it is an exciting time Jessica! We go to my sister in laws fro thanksgiving and Mother in laws for Christmas so we are not hosting . We will prepare a dish for each though. The pies sound good! What type do you make? Have a nice day my Friend, Terri xo.


  1. You always pick beautiful dresses Terri! Either you have very good taste in style or I do because I love this dress. Put me down for 10. 🙂

    Our temperatures have dropped too and we’ve even had our first snow flurries. On a positive note, that means my most favourite time of the year is on the way! I love Christmas! We’ve already had our Thanksgiving up here in Canada.


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    1. I think it’s a mix of both our tastes Carmen , both more ladylike and feminine too. I am glad we think alike! Thanks for the rating. Have you shopped that website, its Canadian. Weather is warmer this week, I love Christmas too🎄🎁How did thanksgiving go for you? Hugs, Terri xo.

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  2. Hi Terri, A seven for this week’s offering, based on the Would Geraldine wear this? test.
    Weather here perfect the last few days. 23°C (low 70s F). Spent yesterday moving furniture and homewares for my daughter, son in law and kids as they move homes.
    Mark my words Terri, this will happen to you too!
    Still, a good way for a girl to look after her figure and fitness.
    Hope you all have a great week.


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