Dress of the week October 29

Hello  ladies,  I  am  a  day  late  again  in  posting!  I  hope  you  can  forgive  Me. We  were  busy  again  so  far  this  weekend.  As I  posted  last  week  ,  I  wanted  to  have  a  date  night  and   it  worked out  for  Friday  night,  Yay!  We   got  a  babysitter  who  we  have  used  a  few  times    and  went  to  a  high  end  restaurant  that  opened  a  year  ago  in  our  town.  It  did’nt  dissapoint   The  food  was  great  and  we  tried  some  craft  beers  which  went  down  good.   I  think  we  will  be  back!    Also on  friday  was  our  first  snow   ugh.  Not  ready  for  winter  in  October  so  hopefully  it  warms  up   a bit. We  did  painting  yesterday  too and  have  one  more   day left  next  week  and  it  will  be  done  . Please  rate  out  of  10  this  holiday  going  out  vintage  street  chic  swing  dress.  It  is  by  the  she in  sun   brand  on  lightinthebox.com see here  It has  a  round  neck    midi  length  and  nice  floral  print .  Have    a  nice  week  hugs,  Terri  xo.nrddav1506670318422


12 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 29

    1. Hi Cynthia thank you for the comment and all the likes you just gave me! Floral designs are very girly, it’s what I like about them most💗 The date night was nice good for the two of us to get away together. You are physically beautiful and I can tell that you are also on the inside. With God’s help Mr. Right can’t be too far away. Have a great Friday and weekend God bless you Terri XO.


  1. What a lovely floral dress with a vintage vibe! Gets my vote anytime. I have three dresses similar in style but different prints: gingham, roses and polka dots.



  2. Terri you have been on a roll recently choosing lovely dresses. This week’s is no exception. A definite 9, based only on what I would wear in a heartbeat ( but probably never will. Still we can dream)
    As you experience your first snow we are starting to experience the heat and the bush fire warnings. We’re never satisfied are we?
    Good luck finishing the painting.


    1. Hi Geraldine , thank you so much for your rating and comment! I like the floral pattern and midi length. We have different temperatures alright! Painting will be finished this coming weekend! Take care, hugs, Terri xo.


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