Dress of the week October 22

Hello  all!   I  am  so  sorry  I  am  late  getting  this  weeks  post  out.  We  had  a  busy  day  yesterday  ,  we  are  painting  our  living  room,  entry ,  kitchen  and  hallway  so  time  was  taken  up.  It  is  amazing  how  long  it  takes  to  just  set  up   before  you  even   can   start  using  a  roller.  Also  with  little  ones  ,  it  makes  it  a  bigger  challenge!   So much taping and cutting in before you start to see the paint  going on walls! We did a  frost Gray  , an off white. We have 80% done,  now we got easier stuff.  Do you like painting?    We  are  also  celebrating  13  years  of  marriage  tomorrow (Monday) I  hope  we  can  do  date  night  soon!  We went to church today, and having a relaxing afternoon .  Pease  rate  out  of  10  this  Princess Illusion Neckline Knee Length Lace Satin Cocktail Party Dress with Appliques Pattern.  It  is  from lightinthebox.com here   Have  a  nice  week!  Hugs,  Terri   xo.hrlmyk1500026439385