Dress of the week June 17

Hi  Ladies,  How  are  you  doing  today?   I  can’t  believe  we  are  already   halfway  through  June.  The   kids  have  been  off    school  for  over  a  week  ,  they  are  getting  great use  out  of  our  pool  and  new  trampoline. They  also  are  able  to  play  with  neighborhood  kids  which  is  nice.   Our  oldest  is  busy  with  softball  right  now  and  our second  and  third  have  soccer  two  days  a  week.   Today  us  adults  get  to  go  to   a wedding!  I  am  so  excited  to  get  to  dress up  for  a  change, look  my  best  and  get  to  socialize!   Thank  you  to  Grandma  and  Grandpa  for  minding  the  kids:)  Tomorrow  we  celebrate  a  whole  host  of  family  birthday  for  the  month  of  June  (5)  .  It  is  a  busy  month!  Please  rate out of 10 this  Pamela  party  dress   by  loveshackfancy   on  sale  at  revolve.com   It  comes  in  at  $445  but  I  love  the  cotton  blend  with  the  draped ruffle  overlay  and  the  shirred  ruffle  hem. Have a beautiful week ahead and I will chat to you in 7 days❤ Hugs , Terri xoxo. LESH-WD126_V1


11 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 17

  1. GORGEOUS! I love this one! Definitely pricey, but so pretty!

    And girl, hope you had fun at the wedding! Sounds like your kids are having a great summer! 🙂


    1. Yes it is gorgeous and pricey all at the same time! Yes I did have fun at the wedding, it is good to get to dress up and have some adult time once in a while Thank you Dear, hugs, Terri xo.


  2. Hi Mackensie, thank you so much for stopping by and giving your sweet comment!You are right revolve has very cute dresses, I really liked this style , and I agree it is pricey , For me it is just window shopping for now! I came across this site with reasonable prices
    https://www.aliexpress.com/premium/category/200216956.html?d=n&isViewCP=y&CatId=200216956&catName=party-dresses&spm=2114.01020108.0.0.sGB2ZN&blanktest=0&tc= aliexpress.com. It was nice to get dressed up and the wedding was fun! I feel bad that you are missing weddings from back home, I can relate. My birthday is june 25. The trampoline is so fun for them, Santa clause brought it this past year, We are going to church this morning and celebrating 5 family birthdays this afternoon. What do you have planned Mackensie? Have a great day, Big hugs to you, say hi to DJ , Terri xoxo.


  3. Revolve always has the cutest dresses! And that COLOR! That is a color I am especially drawn too- it actually looks quite similar to my rehearsal dinner dress for my wedding. I give it a 9 (I would give it a 10, but wow, it’s a pricey one!). It sounds like your summer is off to a beautiful start. I’m so glad you got to get away for a fun wedding. I have been craving them lately! Being across the country from all our friends we haven’t been able to attend any! Is your birthday coming up next month too?! Also— you are one cool mom by having a trampoline. That was always my DREAM growing up. Hope your weekend is going so well, Terri! XO

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      1. I think it’s under General comments on dress of the week June 17. Looking forward to reading about lake Tahoe Mackenzie 🚵‍♂️⛷ have a great day, hugs , Terri 💖


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