Dress of the week June 9

Hi  all,   How  are  you  doing  this  week?   Here  in  Minnesota the  temps  are  rising ,   it  is  supposed  to  reach  90 f  or   32c   today  ,  whew!  Also  today  Dana  has  a  softball  tournament  which  is  36  miles  away  in  Chanhassen  MN (  it  is  half  a  mile  from  Prince’s  studio  and  now  is  his  museum)  We  will  bring  lots  of  water  for  the  trip  to  keep  her  hydrated.  The  tournament  goes  for   2  days  so we  will  be  busy.  The  kids  finished  school  on   Tuesday  for  the  summer,  they  were  excited  ,  and  have  been  utilising  our   pool  ever  since, along  with  the  neighborhood  kids!    Also  tomorrow  our  youngest  Griffin  turns  2!  Our  little  boy  is  growing  up , so  fast.   We  will  celebrate  his  birthday  next  weekend  with  extended  family .  Please  rate  this  lovely landon  dress out  of  10   by  NBD  brand   and   on  sale  at  revolve.com .  it  is  described  as  a dress  for  the  girl  who  is  the  life  of  the  party.  Have  a  great  week  my  friends,  Hugs  ,  Terri  xoxo.NBDR-WD817_V1

11 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 9

  1. Sounds like a busy day you had Terri. Wishing Griffin a belated happy birthday! I love this dress I’d give it a 8/10.


    1. Hi Lidia , so good to hear from you❤ Griffin thanks you for the birthday wishes, I do love this dress, Did you get a chance to check my other weekly posts most recently? Have a beautiful day Dear, hugs Terri xx.


  2. I’m so behind on blog reading! I hope the tournament went well! And congrats on your littlest one turning two! Big milestones! 🙂

    Very pretty dress! Love the florals this seasons. 🙂


    1. Hey Rach, yes the tournament went well they won their section ,always a good boost at age. Yes our little one turned two, it is still hard to believe the time it’s going quick. it is great to see all the florals, it seems we have very similar tastes in dresses! Have a wonderful day hugs Terri ❤


    1. Thank you for comment Jessica! It is pretty. I will give Griffin extra hugs from you ❤ It was busy, this coming one will be too, a wedding to attend Saturday, and combined birthday party for 5 family members on Sunday, whew! How are you doing Dear? Hugs, Terri xoxo.

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