Dress of the week April 22

Hello  all  I  hope  you  are   enjoying  the  weekend,  we  are getting  a   lovely  weekend  forecast  after  some  wet  and  rainy  days  during  the  week.  We  had  a  nice  Easter  celebrating  Christ’s  resurrection  then  being  with  family  afterwards,  and  the  kids  easter  egg  hunt.  They  got   so  much  !  We   had  to  ration  it.    Please  rate  this  pretty  number   from  unique  vintage  out  of  10,    Huggs,  Terri  xoxo.

11 thoughts on “Dress of the week April 22

      1. Doing good! I’m in the middle of switching my site over to self-hosted. ugh…I have no idea what I’m doing. lol Hope you are having a wonderful evening! ❤


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