Dress of the week April 15

Hi  all  ,  I  hope  you  are  having  a  good  weekend.  We  are  getting  April  showers  so  I  am  looking  forward  to  what  May  Brings!! We  are going to my in-law’s  for Easter Sunday after attending  early morning (8am !) Church. Please   rate  this  Easter  dress  out  of  10.   Easter  blessings  to you,  Hugs,  Terri  xoxo.

7 thoughts on “Dress of the week April 15

  1. I LOVE this dress! Such a perfect Easter dress. Want to know something kind of crazy?! In northern California people dress in neutrals almost year round. So come Easter there was very limited floral/bright colors. It was so strange to me! I miss wearing bright pastels, but you just won’t find it around here very often!


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