Palm Sunday 2017

Palm  Sunday  commemorates   Jesus  triumphant  entry  into  Jerusalem . People  laid  palm  branches  down  in  welcome  and  sang   Psalm 118: 25-26  “blessed  is  he  who  comes  in  the  name  of  the  lord.  We  bless  you  from  the  house  of  the  Lord”    He  came  as  savior  of  all  people.    But  within  a  week  they had  turned  on  him  ,  encouraged  by  the  Sanhedrin. But  it    fulfilled  the  prophecies    from  the  bible  about  his  persecution  and  crucifixion. 1458390600_palm-sunday

Dress of the week April 8

Hello all, I hope you are having a nice weekend so far. We are going to the zoo today to see the farm babies. It will be nice for the little kids! Please rate this green gingham dress hugs, Terri.💗

Hello all I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. We are going to the zoo today to see the farm babies! It will be exciting for the little  kids.  Please  rate this pretty  1950s Green Gingham & Pink Floral Draper Swing Dress  by Unique Vintage out of 10, Hugs Terri.💗